The Unity is killing it!

The Unity dance crew from Dance Studio Movation in Dedemsvaart has just started participating in competitions, and they are already killing it on the dance floor! During their first competition, they placed 3rd, during the second competition they placed 2nd and just yesterday they became North Netherlands Dutch Champions (NNKS)! They are slowly crawling up the ladder. To promote the studio and dance crew, they asked us to make a dance video for them.

Saturday 16 March we gathered at The Training Club in Dedemsvaart for the shoot. They have an awesome CrossBox; a fitness area that looks tough and perfect for a video. The choreographer Lianne is also a make-up artist, so all the girls looked flawless.

Then for 2,5 hours, they gave it all. Their attitude was spot on, and the atmosphere was very relaxing. It was great having Lianne by our side because she would push the dancer to the limit and we would be able to focus entirely on filming.


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Tips for filmmakers:

1. If you cannot afford video lights, buy construction sight lights. Sometimes they are even more powerful than a video light, and they give a fun effect as a backlight.
2. If you film dancers, make sure there is enough water for them to drink in between shooting. They will get thirsty.

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