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Sunny day at the beach with DancAmore

Summers are short in the Netherlands, so we take advantage of every sunny day. 25 June we filmed Glen and Sita from DancAmore at beach Scheveningen (the Hague). The sun was shining bright, and because we were listening to a summer Bachata hit song, it felt like we had a short vacation! But of course, we had to work, so the tanning came after!DancAmore is a Latin dance company in The Hague, and they teach (amongst others) Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata. Jairo has been part of the Kizomba show team for a while, which he loved. A collaboration for a video is the cherry on top! Khristy (wife of Glen) took the kids with her. They are so used to...

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A day full of inspiration at New Dance Center

31 March we filmed the Inspiration Day at the New Dance Center in The Hague. It was tough not to start dancing ourselves; the teachers had excellent skills and so much energy, how can you stand still when you see the pleasure on all the faces? Of course, we managed to stay focused on making great footage. We just danced a little bit when we got home. We had more than 2 hours of footage to go through; it took me a day to find all the 'perfect' shots. I started with an edit timeline of 30 minutes. I had to bring that back to less than 3,5 minutes. But I must tell you; it's much nicer to have too...

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There are countless dance videos that I love, so it was hard to choose a top 5. But I think I have made a pretty good list!  1. Recovery by Janelle Ginestra and Tim Milgram The theme addiction has been used before for dance videos, but this video caught my attention because of its setup. The lighting, the styling and expressions of the dancers are remarkable. It made me feel like I was right there with them. The dancers all looked like they were dancing out of personal experience and that is the power of storytelling and expressions. This dance video gives me goosebumps everytime I watch it. Addiction is no joke. This choreography also, no joke! Very emotional 2. Princes Dance Battle...

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